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Youths and Renewable Energy

In our efforts to raise awareness on the importance of Renewable Energy, on the 19th January 2019, GAM-Solar Energy collaborated with Sanchaba Youth Association located in the western part of The Gambia to see how best school children can join the fight to solve the climate crisis.

School children from the Nursery level to Upper Basic where among those involved in this raising awareness program. This event also had a competition between four (4) schools. These schools were challenged to provide plans/ways that the Sanchaba Community can use to solve the climate change crisis and how renewable energy can be a solution in this aspect.

Climate Change & Renewable Energy Raising Awareness Program

The participants not more than the age of 18 did tremendously well. The winners were awarded with solar lamps, which can be used for night studies, mobile phone charging and more.

Hope Day-Care Upper Basic School won the competition

Our CEO, Hans Noteboom echoes the voices of the participants saying, “We can achieve a better climate but only if we work together as one team to fight the crisis. Renewable energy will not only solve the climate crisis but also help provide job opportunities for everyone, especially youths”.

He closed his speech encouraging Sanchaba Youth Association to keep helping raise awareness on the dangers we face with our climate and renewable energy is the solution.

GAM-Solar energy is a firm supporter of Climate Change advocacy in The Gambia and we will do our best efforts to work with associations, youths most likely to bring change and a better climate for a better future.

Sanchaba Youth Association’s logo

Thanks to Sanchaba Youth Association for collaborating with us in this project and also, the immense contributions of Alert Funds for Youth.

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