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Solar Water Pumping

Solar Powered Water Projects For Rural Villages

To date approximately 350 village solar pumping stations installed by GAM-Solar are in full operation and provide clean potable water to more than 450,000 rural villagers.

To maintain and sustain the solar systems the villagers pay a small fee for every metered 1000 liters of water produced on basis of a Maintenance contract between each of the villages and GAM-Solar.

GAM-Solar is authorized by the Department of Water Resources to carry out this program with the objective to sustain the water supply to the rural population on a long-term basis. The program created an active rural network for GAM-Solar throughout The Gambia, which as part of rural development will be used to supply the villages with additional (energy) services and income generation projects.

Solar Powered Agricultural & Irrigation Projects

In 2013 a contract with the Ministry of Agriculture was implemented to provide twenty 5 hectare horticultural gardens with boreholes, fencing, reservoirs, piping, tanks and solar pumping systems.
In total GAM-Solar realized some 40 agricultural solar irrigation projects (community gardens), including several drip-line irrigation projects.

To develop the projects GAM-Solar is working closely together with NGOs, community based organizations and The Gambian Government and has established an excellent rural network throughout The Gambia to implement solar project activities.

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