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GAM-Solar started a Solar Trust Fund with private donor funding in 2013. The funds are used to finance  the procurement of solar water pumping systems for selected rural communities, whereby the people agree to pay an affordable fee for clean potable water, thus paying back the investment and to ensure sustainability of the systems for future maintenance costs.

To date more than 15,275 people in 12 villages benefitted from this program and are paying back the investments in water fees below D10 ($0.20) per capita per month.

               20,210                                                                                                               15,275 

  Number of Watt Peak                                                                                    Number of People Reached

Jarumeh Kuta

Here is the Solar Trust Fund document attached that you can view or download for more thorough information. GAM-Solar Energy’s Solar Trust Fund. You can also reach GAM-Solar Energy through our


Phone: +220 4460189 / +220 7550377