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Solar Powered Pumps

Solar Powered Pumps

GAM-Solar is proud to work with LORENTZ pumps since 2006,  a market leader in solar powered water pumping solutions.

LORENTZ technology uses the power of the sun to pump water, sustaining and enhancing the life of millions of people, their livestock and crops.

This is encompassed in the company strap-line – Sun. Water. Life.

Founded in Germany during 1993 LORENTZ has pioneered, innovated and excelled in the engineering and manufacturing of solar powered water pumping solutions. A full range of solar pumps is available.

LORENTZ is active in over 130 countries through a dedicated network of professional partners and only sell products through their local country authorized distributors while making sure they are informed, trained, supported and able to meet the specific needs of local customers.

GAM-Solar has installed more than 250 Lorentz solar pumps in Gambian water pumping projects since 2006.

GAM-Solar is sole distributor for Shakti pumps in The Gambia since 2018.

 As India’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient submersible pumps, they are well-known in the Solar energy industry. They create their products for a number of sectors including agricultural, industrial, domestic and horticultural.

For a quote of your project requirements kindly fill out and submit the following details to enable us to make a design of the type of solar pump and the number of solar modules needed:

  1. Beneficiary or donor name and project location name
  2. Desired average pumping capacity in m3/day
  3. Static Water Level (SWL); this info can be obtained from a local well
  4. For village water supply project: a) estimated number of village people;  b) upgrading of existing or new system; c) is borehole drilling required?
  5. For community garden project: a) size of the garden in meters x meters; b) water storage reservoirs 1000ltr or 2000ltr or drip-lines; c) fencing?
  6. For solar pool pumps the size of the pool in m3
  7. In most cases a technical survey can be conducted at a cost that will be refunded when a contract is awarded.

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