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Solar Powered MiniPC’s and TV’s

Solar Powered MiniPC’s and TV’s

When using computers, the power consumption must be considered as a substantial operational cost factor. Especially older, full size PCs can take up to 400 Watt. Dependent on brand name, a modern regular, full size PC (including screen) can use about 150 Watt or more. Modern laptops draw around 65 Watt.

Accepting older, often donated PCs might be very tempting, but also very costly as their energy usage needs to be paid for. If solar power is used the number of solar panels and batteries to be installed on the installation is highly dependent on the power that is needed. It is for this reason that GAM-Solar Energy has been looking for innovative low-energy consuming mini PCs in combination with E-learning programs for schools, youth and skill centres with the overall objective to efficiently improve affordable education.

One of our customers wants to introduce e-learning programs with an electronic administrative system for schools throughout the country, including rural areas where no electricity is available. The investments needed in solar powered systems can be considerably lower if the power needed can be lower. This resulted in the idea to use low power screens and computers. GAM-Solar offers a simple and very affordable solar solution, which includes a small solar panel (35 Watt) and a low power TV set (15 inch), using about 7 Watts. By adding a 5W mini PC with 7W screen, a computer is created that uses 5 times less energy than a regular laptop and as much as 30 times less compared to an average desktop computer. 

The low power screen, can also be used with a low power satellite receiver to watch satellite TV. Ask Gam-Solar energy for a quotation for a configuration that suites your needs. You can find more information on the low power TV screen and the satellite receiver on the website of our partner.


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