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Ginani Village

GAM-Solar Energy & Engineering Co.Ltd. with the immense support and donation of Mr. Ammann and his sons Benjamin Ammann, and Oliver Ammann; Ginani Village located on the western part of the country, where able to have a solar water pumping system that serves hundreds of people in the village.

Ginani Village, Foni

The contract was awarded to GAM-Solar Energy on the 25 June, 2018 worth over €4,000. Mr. Hans Noteboom, the company’s CEO “thank Mr. Martin Ammann, his two sons and Ginani Village (Ginani Foni) community for giving the contract to GAM-Solar Energy”.

Our team was warmly welcomed by the village community Alkali (head of the village) and community members as well. After spending some time relaxing and preparing the items needed to carry-out the job on the first day, it was followed by the installation process. The installation was successfully carried out by our team with the immense support of the community.

GAM-Solar Energy is still in contact with village about the performances of the system and as it stands, the community are benefiting from the water pumping system, which day can use for all purposes.

Ginani Village


GAM-Solar Energy thanks once again the donors and Ginani village for trusting them to carry-out such an important project.

Ginani Village is now accessible to clean and potable water.

GAM-Solar Energy & Engineering company Limited, 20 years quality services to the Gambian people in the solar business sector. Donors are encouraged to partner with us to provide clean and potable water to thousands of people.

We’re Your Partners In Development.



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