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International Business Partners:

We operate on a very professional way with our well trained, competent and dedicated team and so do our partners too, from whom we import products of high quality. These partners are professional in their specific categories and provide the best solar products in the world and they are leading solar business companies of the world. Below we have two of our major partners: BERNT LORENTZ GmbH Co. KG, Germany, a world-leading manufacturer of solar pumps. LORENTZ technology uses the power of the sun and pump water, sustaining and enhancing the life of millions of people, their livestock and crops. LORENTZ has been GAM-Solar’s supplier of solar pumps for all its solar water pumping projects since 2006, and GAM-Solar is sole distributor for Lorentz pumps in The Gambia. Next to PV power systems solar water pumping is GAM-Solar’s core business for development providing clean drinking water and irrigation for food production. Website: (Click Here)


We are one of the leading pump exporters in India, something we put down to our commitment to quality customer service and our innovative vision of the future. As India’s leading manufacturer of energy efficient submersible pumps, we are well-known in our industry. We create our products for a number of sectors including agricultural, industrial, domestic and horticultural. GAM-Solar is sole distributor for Shakti pumps in The Gambia. Website: (Click here)

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